Attract Your Dream Clients

Do you wish you spoke the love language of your dream clients?

Ready to be their #bizcrush?

You’re ready to build your empire. Rock this business. But you can’t have a business without sales.

And for sales, you need the right eyes on your webpage.

Here’s a question – Do your dream clients even know you exist?

Dear Dream Client is a class designed to teach you how to attract your dream client – no chasing them down required! Learn how to bring them in, build a connection, and never ever have to do cold calls. #LikeEver

Get ready to:

  • Know you’re talking to the right dream client
  • Create the information they need – and keep coming back for
  • Grow relationships – and your biz

Are you ready for your entire business to read like a love letter to your dream clients?


All you want is for the RIGHT ladies to show up. The ones who are interested in what you’re doing. Who need what you do. Ones who will read your blog posts, chat on social media, and buy your products.

Kristen Jett, dream client strategist

Hi – I’m Kristen. I’m formally trained in attraction marketing, only we call it inbound marketing.

I’ve got a certification and everything. In attraction marketing, you only want the right people showing up – the ones who are already interested in what you do. And opt-ins are the easiest way to attract these clients in and grow your list. No stress, no mess.

How can you use opt-ins to attract the RIGHT clients + grow your business?

I use a three part system to make sure you’re bringing the right clients.

Develop Dream Client

Let’s be honest, your optin isn’t going to work if you don’t KNOW who your dream client is. We’re going to get really clear on who she is, her needs, and how you can be the holy grail she’s been searching for.

We’ll consider the three parts of the sales journey and how you can (and should be) using three different opt-ins to take a relationship from hey stranger to hey girl, of course you can have a sip of my chai iced tea.

The difference between an opt-in and a content upgrade is a super big deal to me –  I’m going to teach you how to get more bang for your time and energy.



Get ready to create some magic! Leave all those doubty questions behind. You know, like:

Isn’t it overwhelming?
Where do you start?
What type of optin should this be?
How do I know if this is an optin or if it should just be a blog post?

Relax, sugar, I’ve got you covered. We’re going to go over your main options – and even my recommended tools to create them in.

It doesn’t have to be tricky and you DON’T have to pay someone else. Why pay thousands a year when you can do it easily yourself?


Release Dream Client

It’s time for some champagne – you have the perfect opt-in! But you can’t just slap it up on any page.

Let’s talk about the two ways to display it – form or an optin page, when to use either, and what both of them absolutely must have in order to get your dream client’s undying love, appreciation, and hearts all over social media.

And girl, you’ve got to speak the language. Let’s talk how to speak your dream client’s language in forms, landing pages, and social media messages about them. Promotions don’t have to be so..ick. I promise.

The time is now. Let’s grow your business.

Attract in the right clients. Sell more products. Get booked up.



Shhhhh, coming soon!